Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The BB Cream Secret

The BB Cream Secret

Jen and I have a secret: we're in love. No, no, not with each other (although I adore her, as I know many of you do, too, after yesterday!) We're in love with a cream. That's right. 

Let me say first that I don't have any makeup sponsors or any sponsors that make BB creams. My thoughts about them are all my own. That being said, I think you should try one. I can't imagine anyone who shouldn't. If you have freckles (like I do) and can't wear foundation because you look muted, try one. If you have dry skin, try one. If you have acne, try one (a non-clogging one). If you don't like the feel of makeup but would like to warm up your complexion, try one. If you have very fair skin and struggle to match it to makeup, try one. If you don't fit any of those but are interested, try one.

It won't surprise you at all to know that Jen from yesterday's post doesn't wear a lot of makeup, if any. I got her to try the BB cream that I like, which is from the Body Shop.  It's currently 25% off, and she got it at even deeper discount. It goes on sale fairly regularly so don't buy it full price unless you want it now, which I support! 

I love that one because I love that the Body Shop doesn't test on animals, and I love the lightness of the cream. At its essence, what it is is a tinted moisturizer that is better for your skin than a tinted moisturizer and that has a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. 

You can try any one that you like. The Body Shop one comes out white and adjusts to your coloring, which is why I like it. You choose from a few shades and then it adjusts. Very simple! Not sure about all the alphabet soup of creams lately? Fashionista has a good article comparing the options.

If you do try one, let me know what you think in the comments! 

And lastly, thank you all for the beautiful comments about Jen's post yesterday here, on Facebook, on Instagram, and to my email. I love that her story resonated with so many of you. I feel very honored to work with incredible women around the country, and I will continue to share more and more of their stories. Keep reading! 

Also, take a look at the incredible vision board my friend over at Love Always Hannah made for 2014. I heard a lot of women be inspired yesterday and thought a vision board for style might be just the thing you need!

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  1. Awww.... love that you support the Body Shop because it's cruelty free. So many people don't think about things like that, and when someone does and mentions it, it makes me so happy!!! Just one more reason to love you!