Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guest Post: The Girl with the Curl

Guest Post: The Girl with the Curl

I'm so thrilled on this snowy evening to bring you a guest post from the one and only Love Always Hannah. And if you visit her site, you'll see a sneak peek of the Valentine's Day shoot that we did together this weekend with some incredibly creative women from around DC. Here's Hannah (who I've proud to call my own close girlfriend for about ten years now)! UPDATE: Enter Hannah's giveaway to win the curlers that created this gorgeous look! And read my true feelings about my hair in the comment section.

girl talk

Having girlfriends is the best.thing.ever.  Someone with whom you can swap stories, giggle and share life’s wonderful moments. There’s so much wisdom that I have gained from the amazing women in my life; whether about the best product to get rid of dreaded frizz or advice on how to live my life with passion.  My life is better because of the girlfriends in it.  That’s why I started “Girl Talk“.

This is my beautiful friend, Ashlynn.  You probably know her from here, here and here (ok so maybe she’s something of a celebrity around here).

View More: http://laurenmodny.pass.us/holidayresend

She has amazing hair.  I mean, clearly.  I asked her to share how she gets her drool-worthy curls on today’s “Girl Talk”.  Take it away Ashlynn! Read the rest here.

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