Monday, January 20, 2014

Bragging About My Clients

Bragging About My Clients

I'm departing from our regularly scheduled program today to show you some of the adorable images that my client and friend, Melissa, shot at my friend's this weekend. I was honored to host a "vintage circus" themed shower for this friend along with her childhood best friend and her dear neighbor friend. We made a great planning team, I think, and the shower was a lot of fun!

I helped my friend decorate a room for her baby, and that's where the theme came from. Since we already had the same theme going for the nursery, it was easy to keep it going for the shower. That way, we used some of the same decorations! Here are some of my iPhone shots from the shopping trips we made to pick up items for the room.

We didn't end up with any of these cute storage containers from The Container Store, but I thought you might love them, too!

This World Market rug made its way into the room a few months after I sent this shot to my friend, and we still need to hang those bright animal hooks up.

On Friday, I asked Melissa to come over and shoot some pictures for my friend and her husband. I'll let them share the personal photos themselves, but I wanted to share some of the beautiful images that Melissa captured of some of the family items that we included in the baby's room. There are more, but here is the sneak peek Melissa sent along!

Melissa has this incredibly calming energy, and she instantly put everyone at ease. I also loved her ability to hone in, without any prompting, on the sentimental items around the house. While we buzzed around downstairs, she set up some of these shots upstairs. My friend is not someone who would typically feel comfortable inviting a photographer into her home, but Melissa made us all feel so comfortable. Thanks, Melissa!


  1. How cute! I love that rug and all the brights pops of color mixed in. Adorable!