Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beat Back the Winter Blues--with Reds

Photo by Lauren Modny
As a Vermonter, born and raised, I have to admit that I roll my eyes a bit at all the focus on the cold weather these days. It's winter. It's cold. To me, that's a given. But, that doesn't mean that I enjoy the colder months-I'm someone who runs cold, and I tend to get a little blue during the grayer, colder months, even though I no longer live in the far North.

One simple way I've found for keeping my spirits up? Red lipstick. I know; it sounds silly. But here's the idea: when I was in school I would always dress up whenever I had a big paper to write or a final exam coming up. I still do the same thing: on days when I least want to go to work, I'll dress up most. It helps me to feel perked up, more ready to face the day.  Even jeans and a t-shirt suddenly feels French with red lips, while my default all-black outfit looks less dreary, I like to think. You should give it a try! Check out how beautifully it works on different skin tones!





There are two lipstains that I love. The first goes on a bit more creamy and is best for women who love the feel of Chapstick. You can find it at many pharmacies and at places like Target. The second, which is my personal favorite, is Covergirl Outlast. I like a lipstain because they stay on longer than lipstick, the color tends to change with your body chemistry less (so the color is more consistent on your lips and on the tube), and it doesn't spread as much into any fine lines around the mouth.

Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to my first client of 2014. This is from the email she sent me today:
I am so Ella-fied today....solid crew neck with a polka dot blouse over that, then a cardigan, a belt over the blouse, cool statement necklace and red lipstick!  You are so right on the red lipstick, it is an amazing difference.
I can't wait for you to see her new outfits-and red lipstick!

Oh, and are you looking for stylish but serious winter gear? Shauna has some great ideas!
And, I love this post on Love Always Hannah showcasing one of the over-the-top looks I put together for our Holiday Shoot! 


  1. Ella ~ I love the thought of beating the winter blues with red! That is a great quote!! Excited for your post tomorrow. I'll be watching for it! ~ Dori ~

    1. Thanks, Dori! With this cold weather, I'll take what I can!

  2. ooohhh love a red lip! So fun and fabulous! Thanks for the shout-out! You're the bestest! XOXO