Monday, January 13, 2014

My Winter Party Style Plan

My Winter Party Style Plan

In a few weeks, two of my best friends are celebrating their love in an outdoor ceremony followed by a reception in a greenhouse set in the middle of a city. I'm so excited I could burst! I'm also, of course, thinking a lot about what I'll wear. Here's the itinerary followed by some ideas I've considered. 

The Day Running Around the City

I'll arrive a day early to help out with anything my friends need, my car full of contributions to the decor and setup. One of their goals is to have zero landfill impact so I'll bring up things I have in our home that they might want to use. I'll want to be nice and warm and also able to go from sitting on the ground crafting to running errands to having lunch with our friends. I'll wear something like a great pair of black skinny jeans (no smudges or stains!) and maybe my black and white version of this high-low blouse below (no gaping if I'm bending over a lot!) topped with a vintage blazer my mom found for me secondhand if it's warmer (love this new one from Loft) or long, striped sweater along these lines. Maybe the blazer over the sweater if it's still really cold! I'll likely be wearing my black and white with silver Sorels I've had for years for the ceremony so I won't double up on boots for packing. Those will keep me warm all weekend!

The Party the Night Before

The party the night before will be low key, but I'll take any chance to wear something fun. I just got this velvet jumpsuit delivered last night, and I can't wait to wear it!

I like her red lips with it a lot and will replicate that, probably, as well as keeping any accessories to a minimum. But, the shoes are not going to work. I'll probably hope for wearing these fun high wedges I have but bring low boots as a smarter, warmer alternative. I wish I had something like these that were magically ok for ice and cold!

Image via
I'm thinking of wearing my H&M blazer that I put Sharlett in during our Holiday Photo Shoot. I'm have to bring my own disco ball and do this, of course!

Thanks, Love Always Hannah for putting this together!

The Outdoor Ceremony & The Greenhouse Reception

I'll save my outfit for the ceremony and reception for a post after the event, but I have thought long and hard about how to stay warm and feel beautiful. I'm thinking a combination of hidden layers, including tights with polka dots!, enormous scarves, Sorels, and hand warmers inside my jacket pockets for the outdoor part with fewer layers for the greenhouse party. I anticipate feeling so excited that I don't notice I'm cold until hours after the fun ends! There's actually a hint in this post, and I will tell you that I'm wearing something that my mom made me just for the occasion! 

The Morning After and Traveling Home

The morning after a party can be hard to dress for. You're coming off the stylish high of the event but are also likely with some of the same people at breakfast the next morning, which can be a bit shocking. I like to end the weekend feeling cute and comfy. I would love to wear something from the new Loft lounge line, wouldn't you? Here's a favorite combination:

I love almost everything from this new line, but why do the models look so sickly? I'd add a bit of blush.

The Reason

I'm so excited for this weekend and what it represents! These two are some of our best friends; Sarah has been one of my best friends since college! I'm going over and over all the details every night before I go to sleep, which isn't the best plan, probably, since I can't fall asleep after! I can't wait for it!


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  1. I got the hint…but then again I saw what your mother made for you! You're going to look amazing!