Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Inspired By

Inspired By

Isn't this a beautiful image?

If it inspires you, too, why not find some things you already own that might help you re-create it?
I love this time of year because I'm starting to think about how anything I might purchase will transition into spring. I love this because you could swap in boots and tights for now and lose the jacket in the spring. Also, I of course love that nice high belt hitting at the skinniest part of her body and the longer length skirt that show just a bit of leg. Of course, you could go shorter with the skirt if you don't like this length.

Let's start with polka dots. ModCloth really nails it for the polka dots, I think. I have loved these polka dotted flats for a long time

and I just saw these thick heeled beauties, too! One reviewer says they're the most comfortable shoes she's ever worn.

If you're petite, this skirt hits in just the right place, but it might be a tad too short for anyone that is not petite. For my pants and shirts friends, this menswear-inspired shirt does such a nice job of mixing formal with whimsical. Wear it with trousers or skinny jeans.

Or what about polka dotted pants? I would love this look from Asos with a leather jacket over it, a larger necklace, and some ankle boots. Pant sizes 0-14.

Via Asos

What about t-shirts? Chances are, you have some. If not, I like Etsy for whimsical, dorky t-shirts (Hogwarts!), which is what I think graphic tees should be about. Anything too witty can come across as mean. I like a graphic t-shirt to show off something truly dorky about myself. This one is a perfect example for women like me who watched My So Called Life in our teen years.

My mom has a beautiful tank top with the moon on it that I'm still looking to recreate. This one comes close.

In a similar vein, I love this Giving Tree tank for spring/summer.

What about this mermaid stunner with the flattering neckline? If you have this hair, I hope you're wearing a big, beautiful braid, too!


Update: Thanks, Hannah, for the question about plus size graphic t-shirts! Here are a few favorites! It's pricey, but this star t-shirt looks super soft and is to-die-for. Asos, SimplyBe, and Torrid have fun options for t-shirts, like this sugar skull t-shirt! I also love Forever21 for cheeky t-shirts, too! This one could go easily from winter to summer with the right layers.


Quite a few Etsy shops also carry a wide variety of sizes, too, just ignore some of the weirder options that you can find on Etsy. For example, this shirt is cute and comes in sizes XL to 3XL unisex, but the others in the store are just strange.


If you're looking for options, try Cafe Press, which has thousands of t-shirts in many sizes. You can even design your own there! I'm not a visual artist so I used to find that overwhelming until I realized that I could browse Pinterst for inspiration for t-shirts. It makes it very easy!

FYI ModCloth is a sponsor, but this isn't a sponsored post. I chose them as a sponsor for their cute, vintage-veering styles, their free and fast shipping, and their variety of sizes.

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  1. Love these looks and am always on the lookout for fun graphic tees. Let me know if you find any good sites for plus-size cool graphic tees. For after February of course :-)