Thursday, January 16, 2014

Delight in the Details

Delight in the Details

Lately I've increasingly noticed one trend among the women (of all ages, shapes, and sizes) whose style I most admire: they focus on the details. So maybe one of the keys to loving your wardrobe this season and next and the next without constantly wanting to buy new things is just that, the details. In honor of the women I see who make those small tweaks to their existing wardrobes to wear them day after day and year after year, today's post is dedicated to the little details that can help you look more polished and more intentional. 

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Here, the details that makes it for me is the red belt. It's more matchy-matchy than I might normally wear, but I actually think it pulls the outfit together here. She's wearing red denim, which a lot of us probably have, with a few other basics. It's actually a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit, but tucking the shirt in and swapping red denim for jean bumps it up a notch. The red belt is the icing on the cake!


Here, it's the buttons, obviously. She's wearing leggings and a sweater, but the buttons in the back make it much more interesting!

I have a similar sweater with buttons down the back (which makes me sing "Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack!" in my head), which got me thinking this last year: why not turn a cardigan around and wear it as though it were a sweater like this? I could skip the boots, personally.

If you have a cardigan with fun buttons, give it a try! I find that this works best with cardigans that are a little big on you. The front ends up looking like a pretty boatneck, and the back is the interesting detail that sets it apart. I had Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed try this. You can see her picture here
One of her readers commented that this was fashionable in the 1940s, which I just loved!

Above, Girl with Curves knows that stripes and red lips are friends. They love each other. While I love all of the striped outfits, the image that stands out most to me is the middle one where that denim shirt ties the entire outfit together. I love that look because it take something that's a little prissy (the starched dress) and pairs it with something gritty (the denim shirt).

The zippers on these boots are divine, of course, but I actually think that the socks make this whole look. Without the socks, the boots would stand off her legs and feel more disconnected. I love that the socks don't match the boots, it feels more like she's ready for a long walk in the woods. You can find similar boots on Zappos and socks on Etsy.

Those stars! It would be gutsy to wear these jeans, but I like the mismatched socks showing and also the simple, cozy sweater. All very cute.

So here's my idea: go through your closet or dresser or laundry basket. Pick one item that you like a lot and highlight it by pairing it with something more basic, preferably a solid or stripe in a neutral color like oatmeal, gray, or black & white. Wear them together and delight in those details.


  1. Pulling out the details is why I can't wait for our session! Love these ideas. :)