Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fanciful Dresses for Whimsical Events

Fanciful Dresses for Whimsical Events

Free People

Every so often, I get really excited about the dresses that a store has or that are out for a particular season. This is it! I'm excited. Today's dresses have me wishing that someone would invite me to a whimsical party-in a barn, at a library, on the steps of City Hall, or even a fall baby shower. 

I imagine each of them pulling off two styles: each could be worn "dressy" with quirky heels and a short bolero jacket or with booties, tights, and a felt Panama hat. Any dress that automatically brings to mind two styles is one worth buying if you ask me! And, of course, during this season's last warm days, you could wear these with sandals and a jean jacket. 

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