Friday, October 17, 2014

Why I'm in Love with High Waisted Old Navy Jeans

Why I'm in Love with High Waisted Old Navy Jeans

I'm posting these pictures of a recent day out with the dogs to a dog event and romp in NOVA for one purpose: to remind myself to tell you about the best skinny jeans ever.  Old Navy's The Rockstart Super Skinny jeans in the high waisted fit. Yes, they come in talls and petites. And they're the best. Look at my smile-doesn't it look happy?

And yes, the day was gorgeous and the dogs were happy so I was, too, but those jeans! They tuck in the bottom of your stomach instead of pushing it out and over like many skinny jeans do. I highly recommend that you try on a pair. I wish they came in more colors and washes!

Not paid to say so-just love 'em.


  1. I love them too! Hate how some squeeze under the belly! Who wants to show off a muffin top? So, yes to higher waisted jeans!

    Did you get my pictures of my outfits?

    1. Exactly! And can't wait to publish them!!