Monday, October 27, 2014

The Bold & The Bohemian: Go Boho in Two Steps

The Bold & The Bohemian: Go Boho in Just Two Steps

Add a Kimono

If you don't already have a kimono that you love, this is the place to start. I've been wearing my mom's vintage kimono from Japan for a few years, but there are also some great new ones out there. I purchased one this summer from TJMaxx, for example. The thing that I love about a kimono is that it's light and airy but also provides a light layer for a trip to the movies or on one of these fall days when the day is hot but the night is chilly.

Via Asos
Look for one with colors that you typically wear so that you can throw it effortlessly over jeans shorts and a t-shirt or a maxi dress. At this time of the year, I'd recommend that you look toward neutrals or dark colors because this is something you can easily wear over jeans or leggings in the fall and winter. See how the rest of her outfit is not boho, but she still just looks cool?

Or, go whole hog and boho up the whole getup!

Desert Wanderer Kimono

Layer on Necklaces

Part of the appeal of this laid back style is that it feels gathered, not pre-conceived or pre-fab. If you've got this much to layer on laying around at home, do it up.

Via Style Lovely
If not, or if you'd rather dip your toe in the trend instead of jumping in, look around for a couple of necklaces to wear at once.  This Etsy store has some real beauties.

Enjoy your Monday! I'm trying to get my voice back after a few loud nights in Charlotte this weekend and nursing my sunburned face. It was supposed to be cold at the football game, but joke was on us! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too.

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  1. Ooohh I want to try this. Already planning my weekend outfit :)