Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Up Close and Personal in the Target Dressing Room

Up Close and Personal in the Target Dressing Room

Normally I save my dressing room shots for Instagram, but I took so damn many this time that I thought you might be interested in what I found! I laughed because I showed up in black and white and tried on almost exclusively black and black & white. Know what you love, I guess?

The Good

This banded bottom dress is a tricky one, but I ultimately decided that it was a great thing to have. Here you see it styled as I would rarely-if ever-wear it. Maybe for a date night with some sexy boots or heels because, as you can see in the rear view mirror, it is a booty dress/sweatshirt thingee.

It has some odd arm panels, but don't pay those any mind.

The great thing about this comfy layer is that it will provide nice butt coverage for skinny jeans or leggings, and it is soft and cozy. Also, I love the draping it does! 

I loved how long these sweater leggings or tights were, but they were very flimsy material. The ones I tried on already had a hole in the waist. H&M has similar sweater tights for cheaper.

The OK

Ok so these next two dresses show how much I truly love and trust you all. I'm not pregnant (and not fixated on it, clearly!), but I have always been a bit squishier around the middle than I like to show off. Yes, I sometimes wear control top tights, Spanx, or at least a slip. But, these two dresses weren't flattering, and I wanted them to be easy, pull-on-in-the-morning, wear for work dresses. And they weren't going to be that for me.

This sweater dress gave me pause and made me consider my personal ban on sweater dresses. However, I did not buy it for the same reason that I never buy them: they show every lump. This goes back to my same feeling that I don't want to wear Spanx under a comfortable dress. However, if you are lump free or more at peace with your lumps, then this is a soft dress with a great pattern. Wear it alone, over tights, or with a long cardigan or blazer over it.

This dress was a pretty blue that doesn't show up in the horrible Target lighting, and I love that it had sleeves. However, it hit me at an awkward spot-just at the hips. If you have a shorter torso, then I think you'd love this dress.

The Bad

As you can see by my Kardashian face and the booty shot in the behind mirror, this was not a winner for me. If you really want to show off your curves or build up some curviness if you're on the less curvy side, you might love this peplum dress. I felt ridiculous in it.

This black top was a nice length but the split side went up so high that you'd have to wear another top under it, which I found annoying. The pants looked great in theory but were more suited to a smaller butt.

Oh, and I woke showed up like this. You know, in case you were wondering.

Oh-and Clog Watch 2014 continues. Yes, I'm still wearing them. Yes, my back is getting better, and no, I'm not a clog convert. But if you love Danskos and/or you need major arch support, these Tamara clogs are some of the most stylish options I've seen.

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  1. Love your blog and every thing about it, but the best part is your smile. Makes me smile when I see a pic of you smiling. Thanks! (I hope my comment doesn't seem weird.)