Friday, October 3, 2014

The Work on Doing the Dishes

The Work on Doing the Dishes

Today I'm taking advantage of the hundreds of people who read this blog every day to do some evangelizing. I was raised in Vermont by hippies, and I never knew any religious evangelicals, and I'm not one to this day. But I have come to appreciate how it feels to so strongly believe in something that you want to spread the word-you want everyone you come across to know your truth.

I'm not talking about religion-I'm talking about Byron Katie and The Work. Before I explain anything more about it, let me give you an example from my recent life.

Before the Work:

I'm washing some dishes by hand. I'm pouring Dawn on the sponge and feeling frustrated with my husband. The thoughts go something like this: He should use the dish soap without all this crap in it! I don't have the energy for another disagreement over this. I'm so sick of him bringing chemicals into our house!

After the Work:

I'm washing some dishes by hand. I'm pouring Mrs Meyers dish soap on the sponge and feeling productive. The thoughts go something like this: Man, this soap smells so good! Yum, that was a good dinner! I'm so glad I bought this and made that.

It's that simple. Maybe you already came to the realization that you could buy the soap you like and use it, and he can use the soap he likes. What I came to understand through The Work on this topic was that I didn't want him to buy my soap, I wanted me to. So I did. And I use it. And sometimes he washes by hand and uses his soap. What I don't do is try to convince him of something (buy this soap!) that I wasn't even doing! And whenever I do the dishes, I know that I'm using the product that I like. Phew!

It's amazing to me how many little moments of distress there are in a day for me. Doing the Work has reduced the negative thoughts that I have (see Before the Work above) and hold on to. Now, they come to me and almost as fast I wave them goodbye. I can't recommend more highly that you watch a video or listen to a CD or podcast (that's how I pass my 3 hour daily commute), read a book, download a free worksheet, and/or even attend one of her seminars called The School for the Work. I'm considering going as soon as this next year! 

Want a simple idea you can start with today? I love what she says about Whose Business Are you In? And heads up-by "God" she means reality.

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  1. I'm going to check this out - thanks for sharing!