Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Does Edgy Pink Exist?

Does Edgy Pink Exist?

Spoiler alert: yes, yes it does.

You see, I'm not a pink person in general. I love coral and every hue of orange, but I don't tend to reach for the pinks for my clothing or my surroundings. However, I do recognize that many people love pink, and I'm always striving to push my own boundaries around it. And, it's become fall 2014's color of the season so why not have some fun with it?

One thing that bothers me about pink is that it feels inherently feminine, and that's something that I tend to fight against in clothing. I prefer colors and patterns that feel like they're open to experimentation and a little bit of edge. Which leaves me wondering, does edgy pink exist?

I put together an entirely pink-based outfit for my client (above) that I actually really liked. I think I liked the following: multiple shades of pink with mostly dark pinks, mixed pattern and texture, and edgy accessories.

Here are some examples of how the pink-shy among us might work this typically spring-y color into our fall and winter outfits.

One way I try out colors or styles that aren't my natural inclination is to pair them with something I know that I love. In this pink pants look above, it's stripes and black. In the shot below, the black and white showed up, too. I also love how she wore chunky sneakers with that look and let the "duck tail" of her white oxford shirt poke out. Those kinds of details take pink from sugary sweet to almost edgy in my book.


On the below right, I love that she swapped out the heels for pink flats. There's something so cheeky about wearing two pink things. However, I think the belt is too matchy-matchy, and I would have gone with something like leopard print instead of triple pinking it. 

The same dual pink effect shows up in this more casual look, which I adore. The lips aren't too bold, but they just show that she's not taking herself too seriously-and isn't that what pink should be about? Also, I love the casual gray tshirt and the edgy touch of leopard.

So here's my takeaway from this: pink doesn't have to consume an entire outfit even if it's an eye-catching color. Use it with stripes and neutrals and pieces I already have to add some interest and femininity to an outfit. It doesn't have to be all pink and flowers. Ok, I can do this!

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  1. I don't like pink either! But I could almost do some of the looks above. My favorite is the last one- must be the leopard scarf! :)