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Ugg Alternatives: Comfy, Casual, Grown up Boots

Ugg Alternatives: Comfy, Casual, Grown up Boots

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Yes, we're talking about boots again! Because, you see, I have a client who needs comfortable boots for fall and winter. This client is always cold, especially in her feet. Yes, she's had her thyroid checked (Mom). She has had back pain lately and is finally realizing that she can't wear flat shoes with no support. Ok, ok. That client is me! I'm the client!

Here's the thing: I hate how Uggs look. I've hated them since the beginning. But, they're so warm. And they're so easy. And they're so awful-so here we are. Here are my ideas for my "client" and for anyone else out there on the hunt for supportive, well-made, but not hideous, boots that will keep you warm in the coming months until it's time for serious winter boots.
I'm talking about casual, weekend, after-work boots that you wear with skinny jeans and maybe under maxi dresses with tights. Not the boots that you'll wear to work in a professional setting, really. If you're looking for comfort, support, and not wooly, then Clarks or Naturalizer all the way. Or if you want warm and low, maybe these adorable guys?

So-let's talk about cozy weekend boots that won't kill your feet over time. As I mentioned on Monday, Bare Traps makes some waterproof boots like the Heidy Bootie with warm looking linings that look very comfortable-and also not like a college kid. A definite maybe. 

Another possibility is the Harleen. I like that both come in widths. If you want a low bootie without a heel that isn't overly warm inside, try this. Or this boot, which is even better in person (but alas, didn't fit in the width for me.)

Anything from The Walking Company is likely to be very comfortable, and Ecco has a great reputation. I love these little boots in all three colors.

I'm told that Abeo, which makes shoes that have great arch support, will be coming out with a warm boot that has wool on the inside. Fingers crossed!


What about something that ties up in front? Salmon has some great styles, including this one below and also above. Patagonia has a similar pair with even more traction on the bottom.

I'll keep looking for the elusive very warm but not for snow necessarily with great arch support or room for an orthodic boot. Let me know if you catch wind of any!

BTW, if you decide to keep wearing Uggs or need more support in your non-Uggs? I just learned that Superfeet makes inserts that fit inside a boot with a roomier toe box. You can also find them on Amazon!

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