Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dress Week: Totally Stripey Tuesday

Dress Week: Totally Stripey Tuesday

Not everyone loves horizontal stripes-or so I'm told. Over at StartCloseIn headquarters, I could probably go for weeks (months?) wearing nothing but stripes and not have to repeat outfits. When I bring something new home my husband often says "Oh, look, it's striped!"  So today's post is in honor of all of the gorgeous striped dresses out there. Let's take a look! (And happy July!)

This dress looks like something you could just live in all summer long, doesn't it? I like the big, Mod sunglasses. This dress doesn't need a lot to make it special.

I love the short sleeves on this dress. I'd suggest you wear it to work with
a blazer and pointy flats or for play with slip on sneakers and a baseball cap. Jcrew Factory has a similar one with statement pockets.

For my friends who don't want to show their arms, LL Bean has you covered with this long sleeved number. Pun intended. I once had this in a shirt, and I wore it until it fell apart. I couldn't get over those cute shoulder buttons! Or try this shirtdress from The Loft (sizes 00-18) that has sleeves, too!

I like the idea of this in a dress, but I'd want to try it on for the pooch risk. On the other hand, it could be good for a pregnant woman, too? Try this one with slip on sneakers, too.

I think I've pinned or posted 50 versions of this dress, and it's because I love the wide stripe and the high waist. If I had a summer wedding to plan, I'd love my bridesmaids to wear something like this! It's eShakti, too, so it comes in a fabulous range of sizes and lengths. Modcloth has a slightly dressier version, too.

If you ask me, Asos nails it for maternity style. There's nothing sweeter than a round belly covered in stripes! Plus, there's no worry about too much cleavage in a dress with a high neck like this baby.

Speaking of maternity, this maxi dress could be adapted for maternity or worn by regular women, too! I'd probably just suggest you layer it over a tank top since the arm holes are low.

And no, I don't endorse those sandals. I know that Berks and other similar sandals are trendy right now. I lived in Vermont. I'm not doing it (again).

Modcloth has some gorgeous dresses, and I can't get over how adorable this one is. I love the piping and the neckline and the skinny stripes!  They also have the inverse of this dress in a different color scheme here. Pair this with a bright coral lipstick.

Check out this swingy number from Boden, too.


  1. The first one is similar to my Old Navy striped dress. Love the red one and the Boden dress! Oh my! (I like the dotted one but love the bright stripes in orange)! You might make me a stripe convert yet. :)

    1. I love it! Welcome to the striped side!