Monday, July 7, 2014

Dress Week: Mad Men-Inspired Monday

Dress Week: Mad Men-Inspired Monday

Welcome to Dress Week! In the spirit of all things summer (grilled corn on the cob, sun tea, fireflies, street fairs, and warm weather to name a few!), I've decided to devote a whole week to dresses. I find a simple dress to be the easiest, most foolproof thing to wear all summer long. If you work in a cold office like I do, consider some warmer fabrics in summery colors. If you are often in warm air, I've got simple dresses that can stand on their own or be funked up. I'll give you tips on how to do just that all week long!

Peter Pan wool on sale at Boden USA

Full skirts and whimsical patterns. Yes, please! Let's pick favorites, ok? You can blame Love Always Hannah for introducing me (and now you) to eShakti. The other night at her house, she showed me this gorgeous full, striped skirt she'd gotten there, and I knew I had to share this goldmine with you. 

After talking with Hannah and looking over the site, I love that they offer sizes XS-6X in every style. I love that the second step after choosing a size is to give your height from 4'6" to 6'. This will allow them to alter the length for you. And, there are often custom options like changing the sleeves or removing pockets or sashes. But, best of all, they rival Modcloth with their Mad Men-inspired dresses.

What I do when reviewing a new site is to open a new tab with anything that I like. In this case, I had this one bird dress in several different windows-one in each color. I guess I really liked it! I picture this with a skinny belt over that nice high waist-maybe in a red to tie into the pink birds? This gorgeous deep v is just begging for a nice bold necklace, too. 


I am such a sucker for a high waist, and this dotted beauty is no exception. What a skinny line that faux crop top would make on your waist! I'd love this with really demure round earrings to echo the dots.

I have a few clients and friends who I know will audibly gasp at this next dress. It has pockets, too. I know! I know. The flattering high waist, the cap's gorgeous. I'd wear this with strappy sandals and a bright enamel bracelet.

And this dress? This dress needs to be worn to dinner (love a high waist after a big meal) and dancing. I adore it in both the navy and the red.I'd be sure to pin my hair back or pull your longer hair into a ponytail to show off the shoulder details on this one.

Here's how I would suggest you make these vintage-inspired dresses feel modern: pick shoes that don't match the color of the dress (think florals, metallics or brights), layer on an edgy moto jacket or even a cropped blazer for chilly AC, and keep the vintage nod tongue-in-cheek with exaggerated winged eyeliner or an arm full of tattoos. 

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  1. Love these dresses, especially the navy blue one with the green trim. Anna from the blog "An Inch of Gray" has that exact bird dress and has pictures of herself wearing it on the blog. Small world!