Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gluten Free Guide to Annapolis

Gluten Free Guide to Annapolis

This weekend my husband and I went to Annapolis, Maryland for a day trip. It was one of the prettiest-and the yummiest-trips we've taken in a long time. I highly recommend that you go there! And, when you do, here's how to enjoy it whether you are gluten free or not. Don't fret-this isn't going to turn into a food blog. I just love to show you the places that we gluten free folks can eat!

Eat breakfast at Miss Shirley's Cafe. There's a second location of this restaurant in Baltimore, but don't let that dissuade you. It's got a huge menu-almost overwhelming!

I'm always a fan of getting a few small plates, and you can do that here. I ordered
the grapefruit brulee (divine), the house made chips with goat cheese and pimento peppers (a dish I will be recreating for my next dinner party!), and the green deviled eggs (not noteworthy) as well as a sweet tea (perfectly, which is to say very, sweet!).

We strolled from the Cafe down to the harbor, stopping in shops and getting a snack here and there before taking a boat tour of the harbor. We just got tickets at the dock. 

We didn't eat at the famous "Delly" because it didn't seem very GF friendly, but you can see that it's very popular!
Happy sailors!

For dinner, we went to a "small plates lounge" called Level, which was incredible and very gluten free friendly-everything was marked, and plenty of options were available.  I started off with a paloma which came with its own basil leaf.

Look at all of those GF signs at the end of the dishes! Heaven!

We had the BBQ pulled pork mini tacos (the best dish of the night), the grilled calamari (also great), and the brussel sprouts with goat cheese and, unnecessarily in our opinion, honey. My husband also had a few slices of a flatbread. They all looked divine.

Don't miss out on this quaint, walkable destination next time you're on the East Coast!

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