Friday, July 25, 2014

The Hunt for Comfortable and Stylish Shoes Continues

The Hunt for Comfortable and Stylish Shoes Continues

For most of my life, I thought I had "easy" feet. My sister has very, very wide, flat feet, and my mom has always struggled with her feet (she's a Pisces, she'll explain). Relatively, mine seemed not that flat and pretty much, well, fine with any old shoes.

As a result of that belief combined with my general lack of funds as I went from college to a masters to a JD, I spent the first thirty years of my life wearing whatever cheap-o shoes I could find. As my husband said once, "you like shoes where your foot is flat on the ground." Flats, he meant, and cheap ones. Like these! Or these! Or these!

I've since realized that my feet are slightly wide-and in bad shape. Between the shoes and the long commute, my hips have started to act up, and it's just time to pay more attention to my sweet piggies. I'm growing up! About time, right?

Earlier in the summer, I wrote about wide summer shoes and even ordered two that were moving in the right direction. I ended up returning both, though, since they were actually not comfortable enough for my new standard.

This week, I ordered two pairs of shoes from Zappos and then got two with a coupon at Macy's. I'm keeping three for sure and am undecided about the fourth.

I grew up in Vermont, land of Naots with socks (not Berkinstocks, the story about hippie politics about Germany v. kibbutz is too long for here) and clogs. All clogs, all the time. I wore them in middle school for awhile, but mostly they were mom shoes. So it was with great trepidation that I ordered these Danskos. But, I love them! They're very comfortable, nice and medium wide around the toe box, and a great neutral that's not skin tone.

I wore them with a big, full skirt from H&M, a sweater from Loft, and my gorgeous crepe murtle. The first day of wearing something I'm worried doesn't fit my style, I try to pair it with an outfit that I love. It casts a certain "me" vibe over the new item, and then I fall in love with it.

These are the shoes that I'm not sure about, on the other hand. I liked the green and the height along with the idea of comfort, but I think the arch is too high for my feet. I wore them around the house wondering if maybe shoes should feel that supportive? But they just hurt, and I won't wear them. They're not as clunky as they look, but they are quite casual with the cork and the velcro. But, you can adjust the velcro, which is great for wider feet. And the emerald green is gorgeous!

Keeping with the jewel theme, I grabbed these sandals by Born. I wish the sides didn't have that odd wood grain look, but they're so darn comfortable! They're casual, and I needed supportive casual shoes. The open toe works well for my wider feet. Keeping these!

For Born shoes, I also really liked these. They were less casual and very comfortable, but I fell between the whole sizes on this fit and didn't get them. Macys had them in black, which I loved but can't seem to find on the website.

I also loved these red sandals, but they didn't have my size. They were a more true red in person and very comfortable. If you're looking for casual, supportive, summery shoes that are not sandals, these topsiders are incredibly comfortable. The blue striped sides seem to be sold out everywhere, though.

The pair above are very comfortable, similar to a lot of the old ballet flats I used to wear but have a solid bottom and nice support. I can't find them online and will need to do more searching for you if you're interested!

Thanks for bearing with me as I grow up and come to care for my feet. I hope you're doing the same!

And have a great weekend! I'm spending it with one of my best friends, the incredible Hannah of Love Always Hannah. We have time by my gym's pool, lots of trashy magazines, and a photo shoot with friends planned. I can't wait! Follow me on Instagram if you want sneak peeks of the shoot!


  1. Have you checked out "The Walking Company"? They have both retail and on-line sales, and they specialize in comfortable shoes. Lots of brands & styles. And if you join their mailing list, they have frequent sales.

    1. I haven't! But I will now! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. It's gonna be the BEST weekend ever! I want to know more about those black ballet flats... I'm also needing to grow up in the shoe department but have been procrastinating on it....

  3. I have terrible feet, and I have been on a shopping mission lately for comfortable stylish shoes also. I found this brand recently: Taos Footwear: They have some super cute shoes. I have not tried them yet, but they look very intriguing. Another friend of mine swears by Cole Haan, I got a pair of their low heel wedges - kind of like flats, but with a wee heel. They are nice, not super summery, but great for a business casual look, that is comfortable. I also recently discovered a brand called VIONIC by Orthaheel...Again, I have not tried them yet, but they have some decent looking shoes that are designed to be really good for people with wonky feet.