Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to Bring the 4th to the Office

How to Bring the 4th to the Office

Phew! After yesterday's intense happiness project and anxiety posts, I'm ready for a little levity, aren't you? As I hung up my outfits for this week, I found myself wishing the 4 day week were even shorter. I wanna go to camp! I thought when a co-worker described dropping her son off at camp for the week. I wanna go to the beach! I practically stomped while hanging up my gardening tools next to our beach chairs.

Then I calmly reminded myself that I have lots of fun planned for the long holiday weekend and that there's no reason I can't bring the festivities into the office before taking off on Friday, too! Here are a few ideas for bringing the 4th into a (mostly conservative) office. I hang up my outfits just like this for the week, usually laying out more than days I'll work so that I have a few backup choices in the event of bad weather or a change of heart. 

Stripes + Textured White + Bright Belt + Sparkle

I'm writing the basics of each outfit out like an equation because, to me, the individual items don't actually matter as much as the overall outfit. Look at your own clothing and see if you have something white with a little texture, something striped, a bright belt, and something that sparkles. The white could be pants and the striped a shirt, too!

 Nighttime Sparkle + Classic Print + Classic Solid

I love the look of a piece that feels like it should only be worn after dark (this sequined skirt) with something more conservative like the polka dotted blazer. What you can't quite see is the shirt underneath, which is a navy boatneck. To tie the skirt into the tops, I added a gold chain necklace. Try this out with a dress that you typically save for a special occasion topped with a classic like a cardigan.  Extra points for something that reminds you of fireworks!

Fireworks Inspiration + Classic Americana

No, you're not seeing things. There is no bottom to this outfit. I was looking for my polka dotted pencil skirt, but you could wear jeans, white pants, or another print here, too. The idea is to pull something, like the cardigan with the embellishment by the buttons (or the sequins above) that reminds you of fireworks. I always wear this sweater around Christmas, but it's very 4th, too. Then, wear it with something classic Americana like the stripes and liberty print on the t-shirt.

Preppy + Preppy + Preppy ad infinitum in Red, White, and Blue

As someone whose personal style tends toward the edgy, I find it hysterical to wear very preppy outfits. This one is no different, and it's the over-the-top preppiness of it that I adore. Look around for the most preppy pieces that you have in red, white, and blue, and layer them on together. I particularly like playing with proportions like an over sized jacket, skinny white chinos, and exaggerated stripes, as I have here. Top with pearls or studs.

Enjoy this holiday week!


  1. Can you come live in my closet, please? I want you to come put mine together for me every day...ok, I'd settle for once a week. LOL. Love your outfit cute!

    1. PS
      Can you do a post on Summery looks (not layered?). It's hot here and I normally am not anywhere chilly except for the occasional restaurant.

    2. I'd love to come live in your closet! :) And yes! I'm doing a whole week on dresses next week that will be about light, simple, summery ways to dress for the summer. Thanks for asking!