Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Gap Faux Shopping Trip

My Gap Faux Shopping Trip

The other night, I thought I'd take what I call a "faux shopping" trip for you all in the name of research. The things I do for you! Hehe. I intended to try some things on at the Banana Republic sale and let you know what I loved, but they were closed! I hit up the Gap instead, and here's what I found!

I arrived in a dress I recently purchased from Gap, in fact, on sale. It was intended to be a maxi dress, and it started out that way. Unfortunately, it shrunk to this awkward length after a single drying. I'm debating cutting it off to knee length. I'm keeping it because I love the back a lot.

So much that I wanted to show it to you!

This next dress is adorable. It's not my typical style, but I think it would be precious for a group of bridesmaids. There is a coral-red version that's on sale, but they didn't have my size. You could even dye it! I like the idea of wearing this to a baby shower, too. I might swap a skinny belt out for that tie to funk it up a little bit, but that's just me. 

I got pretty excited in there...

I wanted to love this next dress because of the stripes, of course, but my usual size was quite boxy in the top, and I found the length to be too short for this vintage style.  Love the pockets on this one, too, of course.

If I had gone a size smaller, it would have been quite short. If it had worked, I would add a belt because that high waist is just asking to be emphasized more!

I tried to save it and wear it just as a skirt with a sweater on top, but this sweater was too long for that purpose. 

 This next dress was finally a winner! It has the pockets that I love (even my wedding dress had pockets!), was my favorite color black, and had an interesting detail on the top that was still work appropriate.

I like this dress a lot! I'd go back for it when it goes on sale. If you're between sizes, like I am, size up if you are bustier, like I am. I could see it pulling across the chest otherwise.

Next, I hit the sale rack for some casual summer gear to show you.  I loved this jacket but felt it was still too expensive for what it is, which is a very thin jacket. However, the scoop neck was adorable, and the pockets hit in just the right spot. This is an ageless jacket that I could see you all wearing. The jean shorts are great-I have a pair. I tend to like really gritty shorts.

Overall, an interesting selection over at the old Gap. Let me know if you have a store you'd like me to faux shop in the future!


  1. You are so adorable. I don't think anything would look bad on you. :-) how about shopping Loft Outlet?

    1. Awww thank you!! Loft Outlet is on the list now-thanks! Next time I get to the oulets!