Monday, June 9, 2014

Easy Summer Hair, Lips, and Nails

Easy Summer Hair, Lips, and Nails

Happy Monday! I'm trying to take it easy this week again because I maaay have overdone it. My rib contusion situation was feeling better near the end of the week, and on Saturday I did some weeding in my garden. I didn't weed with the bad side, but just leaning on it while I weeded put me over the edge. So it's back to pain meds and resting up for me! I hope you had a much better weekend.

I thought we'd start off the week nice and easy, then, with a few ideas for feeling as pretty as I know you are without much fuss.

Nail It

The tutorial for these nails is from 2013, but I think it's worth re-visiting. It's simple, easy to do at home, and it's not too trendy. The nail art trend is on its way out, which means that it's the perfect time to do something like this! You won't feel too trendy because it's not over-the-top, but it's still pretty and fun-and work appropriate. Give it a try!

Embrace Messy Hair-even if you have fine, straight hair like mine!


I think my own hair might just be long enough in front to re-create a version of this gorgeous hair above.  I love having shortish hair, but sometimes get bummed in the summer when there's no pretty way to get it off my face. There's no tutorial accompanying the link above, but the way I'd get even half of the volume she has with my fine, straight hair is with lots of dry shampoo. Loreal's Fresh Dust is my favorite-I use it in my roots on dirty or clean hair. Then, softly curl random pieces with a straightening iron (or a curling iron, then pull on the curls so they're not too perfect). Braid a few front pieces (mine won't be as thick-oh well!) and join in the back (or pin to the sides, which would likely encourage more volume on my head). Beautiful!

Boost Your Lip Color

It may be that these incredibly gorgeous women are blessed with lots of pigment in their lips and that they've just swiped a clear gloss or casual Chapstick over their lips. But, if that's not quite you, you're in good company. And, I've got an idea.

Try a lip stain that's a shade darker or brighter than your natural lip color. I love products by Tarte because they're fragrance, paraben, synthetic dye, etc. free and they work! I haven't tried their gorgeous matte lipstain, but I want to. Don't be too exact putting that on. Let it dry for a minute while you do something else and then put some gloss or chapstick on your finger, then pat it over the stained lips.

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  1. I like the messy hair look and the softer lip color. Too pretty! Makes me wish for long hair again...ok, not really! :)