Friday, June 13, 2014

Romantic Summer Dresses

Romantic Summer Dresses

Happy Friday! Happy date night! It's starting to be that time of year when all I want to do is be outside: eat outside, take walks, ride bikes, plan picnics, search for the few remaining drive-in movie theaters... So I'm planning as many dates with my husband as possible. One thing I like to try to do is to wear something on a date that isn't what I wore to work. Sometimes that turns into jeans (especially to a chilly movie!), but for an outdoor date I love to wear a date worthy of our special time together. Here are some dresses that caught my eye for just such a date out together!

This dress from Nordstrom is perfection. Dress it up as styled for a special event or wear flat sandals for a day date. Either way, say yes to that hat!

You guys should know how much I love Modcloth's dresses. This could have been an entire post dedicated to their retro, structured fabulosity. Yes, they deserve a made up word. There are SO many Modcloth dresses that I adore that it was hard to feature just one. This one has the most darling stripes going on so I had to show her off!

Ok, ok so two dresses! This postage stamp dress could go to work, too!

Having never been pregnant, I'm not so sure about this strapless dress idea for maternity, but if you're comfortable with it, this is one of the sweetest maternity dresses I've ever seen!

We all know that I love stripes, and this dress is no different. Yes to the wide straps you can wear a bra with, yes to the contrasting color belt high up on the waist, and yes to a skirt full enough you can eat a good meal and still wear it! I'm not so into those peep toes, but you can just wear your favorite shoes.

Happy date night to all!


  1. The striped ModCloth dress is so me!!!

    1. I know!! Wait until next week...