Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The First Golden Rule of Style

The First Golden Rule of Style

My clients, readers, and friends are often asking me to talk with them about my "rules." I always feel like I'm disappointing them when I answer that I don't have any. However, I've been asked about it so many times that I'm starting to notice what I do consider to be rules. I'm going to start sharing them here in the spirit of something that The Happiness Project does. She writes about rules that she's learned about being an adult-specifically, a happy adult. For more on that, I recommend her book! 

My first golden rule?

Monochrome can be just as interesting as bold pattern.

Let me show you what I mean.

Via Tory Burch

Via To Vogue or Bust

Via Long Distance Lovely

Via Keiko Lynn
What I love about building a monochromatic outfit is how easy it is but what a big visual effect it has. If you were my styling client, I'd put together a few looks like these by first scanning your clothing and noticing what color families you have a few pieces in. Then, I'd pull those pieces out together and put them on the bed. From there, I'd layer outfits using pieces from the same family (coral dress + sherbert cardigan + pink belt on top of cardigan + muted rose shoes for example) and have you try them on. If it was too much for you all at once, I'd swap out some of the tones in the color family for neutrals like creams or metallics.

So there you have it! My first Golden Rule of Style!

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