Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

I only just became aware of the fact that Father's Day is coming right up. I always call my mom on Father's Day (it's our bittersweet tradition) and usually my (ex) stepfather, the man who raised me. But I'm always thinking of the ever-growing list of father friends and wondering what their children, grandchildren, and partners are giving them as gifts. Here are some ideas for the types of dad guys in my life in the hopes that you'll find something fun in these last few days. I've tried to choose stores you can order quickly from or will likely find in most areas.

For the New Still Kind of Freaking Out Father of an Infant


A fun pair of swim trunks that let him know that you remember how fun and cute he once was-and you know that he'll get there again soon! Wanting to splurge and treat yourself, too? Attach a VRBO reservation for the beach weekend you planned.

Ready to spice things up again? What about a gift that's half silly, half sexy like these Adidas boxer briefs and a suggestive note sealed with a lipstick kiss making reference to "after the baby goes to sleep." And, better yet, a promise to be on duty for a few hours while he wears them to the gym the next morning.  

For the Badass Dad (or Granddad) Who Likes Good Beer and Still Misses His Motorcycle

A pair of hipster sneakers that he can wear and instantly feel cool. Or, one of these food or beverage suggestions from Cup of Jo. I know a few dads who would love to talk to you about their unusual beer selection while wearing comfy shoes that feel effortless (but aren't). Perfect.

For the Father of Dogs Who Gets Up Early to Be Pulled Around the Neighborhood

What about a lightweight hoodie that he can hang on the hook by the door and throw on over his PJs (let's be honest) for a walk around the neighborhood in the morning when it's still cool. This lightweight terry hoodie from Lululemon is a splurge, but their stuff lasts forever. Find similar (less expensive) ones at The Gap

For the Papa Who Grills in the Sun, Snow and the Rain-Always Meat, Always Delicious

A classic fedora or patriotic flip flops for grilling on the 4th of July (or all summer long). Showing a lot of love this Father's Day? Add a Professional Grade Grill Tray from Amazon. Prime eligible for fast delivery. For good measure, tie on a bottle of wine or a favorite BBQ sauce.

For the Dad Living Here Who Was Born Abroad-No Matter How Long He's Lived Here

The World Cup is coming so what about a t-shirt or jersey from his home team (if they have one)?  Help him fall even more in love with you with a bag full of foods from his country (check high end markets as well as ethnic grocery stores) to eat while watching the game. Or book a night to watch a game with him out at a rowdy sports bar.

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