Monday, June 16, 2014

Tricks to Pulling Off an All White Summer Outfit

Tricks to Pulling Off an All White Summer Outfit


I once tried to put one of my closest friends into an all-white outfit. She promptly told me no, thank you, that looked like something you'd wear to a certain festival in New Orleans. I guess I should have asked her what it was before writing this, but one of you will fill in the blanks! I get what she means-I think some all white summer outfits can veer too old, too innocent, or too much like something you're wearing because you're in a choir.

But, I urge you not to dismiss the all white getup! Chances are, you have a white top in your closet and maybe even a white pair of shorts, pants, a skirt, or even a dress. Even if white is the background color, these tricks can still work. It's an easy way to wear something you already have in what might be a new way.

Wear at Least One Piece with Structure. To avoid the "I'm off to be baptized now" look, you might want to avoid choosing multiple items of clothing that are all flowing and/or linen. As with the top image, a simple white button down can be a great place to start for an all-white outfit. Why? It keeps the look fresh, modern, and not too young.

Consider A Pop of Color.  In the top image, the intent was for the blue bracelets to be that pop, but I'm not sure it's enough. I like that outfit as a base outfit, but it needs something else to bring it away from Waiter Zone. Below, I like the bag, and I also like the slight tint on the sunglasses. Why add color? White plates and white canvas exist for a reason: they're great at highlighting shape and showing off added color.

Mix in White Winter Pieces for an Ice Cold Office. Since we moved offices last week, my office is even colder than it was before! This means I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to stay warm but not look like I do in December. One easy way to do this is through all white. It somehow transforms December's white cardigan or blazer to wear it with June's white jeans or skirt. If you go this route, I really like the addition of a warm piece in the mix, perhaps a brown or gold. Extra points if that piece feels a little tough.

 I'm really digging those Sheera cuffs, right? I'd add a pointy toe so my feet didn't disappear.

Pull Out Pieces that You Consider "Fancy" and Wear Them During the Day. White tends to get relegated to weddings and other events where you're less likely to spill than, say, the average day. Pull out something you have only worn a few times and add a darker piece to it, like a leather belt. 

Here, she took what would be a very ethereal, fancy dress (or skirt/top?) and toughened it right up with those leather wraps. Like the cuffs above, I'd probably only do one, but I love that she went for it. Also, that belt really helps ground the whole look. Both images via this lovely collection of all white outfits.

This can work with menswear-inspired pieces, too. I love this below. More power to this adorable blogger for wearing those high wedges!

Wanting to add more white to your summer wardrobe without spending a fortune? Gap, Zara and Asos are three of my favorite places lately for structured, versatile summer whites.

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