Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Perfect (Gluten Free) Weekend In and Around Carrboro, NC

A Perfect (Gluten Free) Weekend In and Around Carrboro, NC

Recently, I spent a few days in and around the Chapel Hill area. While I visited Raleigh and Durham, we stayed in Carrboro (at the newly gorgeous Hampton Inn!), and it was fantastic. If you go, and I recommend that you do, here's how to have an incredible time.


As you buzz around town, wear flats to walk or ride your bike. Be sure to bring a lock since it's a busy area with lots of people coming and going. In the late spring, I wore layers (a tank under a t-shirt) because the warm days turned into chillier nights, and they blast the AC in restaurants like every good Southern town. Bring a large bag with you to carry all the treasures you'll find!

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny (I opened the leg holes more and rolled them twice at the leg)/Shoes: Roxy/Shirt: TJMAxx...try a men's shirt and cut the sleeves shorter/Tank: probably Hanes because they're the softest/Bag: custom made for me by client friend Lynne from Wonderfully Made/Bracelets: collected from my best friends' weddings!/Necklace: Jcrew outlet. Similar here.


Make your way down to the Carrboro Farmer's Market. If you're a gluten eater, have at anything (everything!) you'd like. If you're gluten free like I am, get excited. Of course, you'll find the usual farm fresh offerings here, like these gorgeous strawberries when in season. 

You'll also find gluten free offerings that should (and will) make up your breakfast at Imagine That Gluten Free. I snapped up a box of apple cinnamon muffins there and a cup of homemade spearmint lemonade next door and plopped down under a tree as happy as a clam. Check out that moist muffin!

Later, head back into Chapel Hill (walkable). Eat lunch at Sandwhich. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just go eat here. If you're gluten free or gluteny (as we like to say in my family), eat lunch HERE. I had the BLT with avocado on GF bread with homemade lemonade, but you could try something else. My husband had the same with onion rings. We both died and went to Heaven.

For dessert, during a few key months of the year, you're going to want to stop by Crook's Corner for honeysuckle sorbet. I had mine with a glass of prosecco at the bar, but you could, of course, eat dinner at this James Beard Award winner, too. Adorable, romantic atmosphere. I snapped this phone photo trying not to seem like too much of a tourist.

Ok, you're going to need to make this a trip of several days because there's just too much deliciousness to eat. Even if you do nothing but eat, you'd have two packed days at least! You must go to the Mediterranean Deli. The gluten free and vegetarian options (as well as, yeah, yeah the gluteny options) are incredible. I mean, freshly made GF pita bread?! Where am I?!

Since I've extended your stay, you may want to check out Kipos. It's got a great environment and outdoor seating as well as gluten free (and regular) items. The night we went, our server was brand new, but otherwise the meal was solid-nothing amazing, but good options. Look at all of those happy GF signs next to the food!


In the sea of UNC bars (not my scene) and stores on Franklin Street, stop into Bluetique Cheap Chic for very affordable accessories and fun gifts. My two favorites were this bow-backed top and this adorable trucker hat, which I still need to send to my good friend in Texas!


  1. Soooo fun! I LOVE your outfit! I wanna go on a road trip with you now!

    1. Let's do it! Where are we going?

  2. ooo! That looks like so much fun and yummy food to boot! You are so cute! Love your outfit.

  3. Always appreciative of your upbeat GF finds. Thx!