Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shirts and Dresses for Nursing Mamas

Shirts and Dresses for Nursing Mamas

I have a bit of an odd suggestion for my post-partum, nursing mama friends: Zara. I typically think of Zara for edgy, mid-quality items that I wouldn't spend more than $70 or so bucks on, but I recently spotted some pieces that I think have potential for you post-partum and/or nursing moms.

Here's why: they're not hugely expensive so you won't feel badly buying them, they give accessibility for breast-feeding, but they don't look like nursing tops. In fact, they look cool. Here's what I'm thinking.

I love how this t-shirt twist pulls the fabric away from the lower belly. The top could maybe be pulled down-but certainly up. I'd layer this over a nursing tank, and you're done. 

This top just looks cool. Imagine you wearing it over jeans? I love how unusual this is because it would instantly feel glamorous and not like a t-shirt. Add some lipstain and jeans. Don't make this model's scared face. Gorgeous.

I know what you're thinking-all white. Ok, so maybe this exact skirt isn't meant for you, but I love that it's not so long that you'll trip carrying the baby but long enough to feel stylish and on-trend. It also boasts an elastic waist. Look for something like this if not this exact one! Even with a t-shirt, it will feel special.

Two things are amazing about this jumpsuit: it unbuttons to allow for access to breast-feeding, and it hits above the lower belly area. I'd love you to wear this to the farmer's market, to a wedding, or just out for a family stroll.

This drape tank is another great idea for over a nursing tank. Depending on the size of your chest, it might really emphasize them, but I think it's too pretty not to mention. Lift up to breast feed.

This is another adorable skirt with an elastic waistband. I love how she's wearing it-very easy, summer casual.

This jacket/overshirt would be a great alternative to a cardigan. It would feel stylish, provide an extra layer, and also carry you into fall. 

This swingy dress really wouldn't work for breastfeeding, but I like this for a wedding or event you attend this summer without the baby (not that you can't bring a baby to a wedding, of course, but you know what I'm saying!). I love it for the emphasis on the high waist-and off the lower belly! Very post-partum friendly.

Come back later for my picks from Zara for women who don't have to wear a bra! I'm looking at you, my petites!

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