Monday, March 31, 2014

Short Angled Bob

Short Angled Bob

Good morning! Happy Monday. Phew! What a weekend, guys. And, unfortunately, not in a good way. Our beloved one-year-old puppy, Jaxon, was bitten at daycare on Saturday on what should have been a fun, snowy day of playing. It ended up at the ER vet with a sliced ear in two places and bites all over his face. Luckily, the dog missed his eye, and Jaxon's thick fur mostly protected him. But, we spent the weekend going back and forth to the ER to be with him... and to get him re-bandaged on Sunday when he wiggled free of his head wrap. Now he's on stronger medicine to keep him calm, and he's basically like a 100 pound drunk bear with a plastic collar. Deep breaths.

So today's post is a light one since I usually write a few posts over the weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently got a little shape up. I didn't go for a pixie (yet), but I needed a bit more shape to my hair. I usually go to PR at Partners in Northern VA, and they didn't disappoint this time, either. I'm still growing out my bangs from forever ago so the front length couldn't be as cohesive as I would have liked, but I still was pleased with the outcome!

I even woke up with it sort of curly one morning!

Oh-and the lipstick is a matte red from Bobby Brown. I love it.I might go for some retail therapy soon, actually, and get a second shade...Hmm...that sounds like a great plan!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Faux Shopping for Dresses

Faux Shopping for Dresses

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I sometimes go faux shopping. You might also know it by the name window shopping, but I go into the stores so I don't think window shopping is exactly accurate.

I like to take you with me and imagine the things I'd suggest that you get (or sew yourself if you're one of my seamstress clients!) if we were out together. Here are a few favorites from a recent faux shopping trip.

From Anthropologie, this incredible dress.

And from Nordstrom, these two dresses that made me wish someone would invite me to a beach wedding soon!

Thanks for coming along with me! Follow me on instagram if you'd like to see more of my adventures.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Boden Dresses on Sale!

Boden Dresses on Sale!

We've talked about Boden before because I love them. I love their quality, their style, and their colors and patterns, too. They're pricey, sure, but I think they're worth it. Now they've got an incredible sale going on, and many of their incredible dresses are up to 40% off.

A few of my clients have family members getting married this spring and summer, and there's nowhere with better dresses than Boden. Here are a few of my favorites, but do check out their site because I could have included many many more. 

For Summer Weddings

Top one of these with a cropped gray blazer that you can also wear to work in another moment. For a wedding, try a drop earring or an arm full of bracelets.

Putney Dress
Tapestry Shift


Portland Place
Ponte Dress
 Did you notice all of those nice, high waists? Very flattering!

 For Work

If your office is like mine, you'll need to layer a blazer or cardigan over these during the summer. My office is freezing! If your office is a bit more casual, you could also top one of these with a dark blue denim jacket or a great navy ponte dress.

Sunny Day Dress
Riviera Shirt Dress
Field Flowers Pretty Shift
Putney Dress (again!)
Olivia Dress
And although I've labeled these as for the office, you could absolutely wear them to a more elegant event! Just dress up the accessories and wear your favorite shoes. 

For Spring/Summer Date Nights-with Your Partner or A Group of Friends!

Boden also has a bunch of dresses that scream fun and flirty! My husband and I have regular date nights, and I'd love to have a few of these in my closet to put on with simple shoes to head out the door for Mexican food or to check out the new movie-and-dinner spot that recently opened near us.

In the spring, I'd wear a moto jacket with a bit of edge with one of these dresses, and in the summer I'd let it speak for itself and keep the rest of the outfit simple. 

Eyelet Dress
Green Spot Dress
Helena Dress
My skin coloring does not lend itself to that last bright yellow, but if you can wear it, please do! And send me pictures!

Also, don't miss their t-shirt and top sale! Here's my favorite!

Freshwater Henley
Note: Boden is not a sponsor. I just like them!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inspired By This Boho Look? See How I Break It Down!

Inspired By This Boho Look? See How I Break It Down!

The other night, I came across this beautiful image on Pinterest.
She looks carefree and beautiful, I thought. However, I would never wear this outfit, and I know many of you wouldn't, either. But I thought there were elements of it that we could re-create, likely with things we already own.

What about a dress that is similarly flow-y but maybe not so long? Garnet Hill's is very flattering with its high waistline. Also, for nursing mamas out there, this is an excellent choice.

Via Garnet Hill
Maybe you have a dress, like this blue dress by Torrid, that reads a bit young? I think this could lend itself to being funked up like my inspiration image.

The jacket in the inspiration shot is great, but too costume-y for my preference. What about a similarly striking jacket that's a bit more timeless and can be worn more often?

Via Asos
You could also add a jean vest for a similarly funky look as the inspiration picture.

Or what about bringing the blue into the top? I love a tank that you can wear a regular bra with, and Madewell's quality is excellent.

These shorts, also Madewell, would lend the funky element that the inspiration image has. These printed shorts would look amazing with solids and basics all summer long.

Old Navy has a fun print, too. You could go with a contrasting color with these ones, like a red or an orange or green, or stick with something simple and white for the slight gypsy feel of the inspiration shot like this incredible one from Free People. H&M has a more wearable version in their plus size line.

I have a similar pair of shorts, and I have lived in them in the hottest months of the summer because they don't stick to your waist or legs like a thicker fabric does. Forever 21 has a fun skirt that's similarly boho.

I'm starting to believe that spring is coming! It has to be, right?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How beautiful are these?!

I'm not going to include just one since the series is what is beautiful, but gah! I have never seen something like this! Just gorgeous. 

How to Wear Denim on Denim?

How to Wear Denim on Denim?

I had a reader question recently about wearing denim on denim, and I'm excited to talk about my answer today! I tend to think about a few things when putting a client in jean on jean or when wearing two shades of denim myself: shade, shape, and statement.



I think that jean on jean can work as long as the shades of denim are different. Here is what I don't like:

The outfit above is from JCrew, which is a good reminder that even stylish stores can go awry. I just think that the shades of denim here are too close for comfort, too reminiscent of the old cowboy tuxedo. Not only that, the brown and brown accessories violate my last point about statement, but you'll have to continue reading for that!

Instead of choosing two shades of denim that very closely match each other, look for some contrast. Look for a washed out shade with a darker one or a brighter blue with a deeper one.


So, take a look in your closet and see if you have a darker jean bottom (skirt, jeans, leggings, dress that you can layer over) and see if you have a denim shirt that you can wear on top-if they're different shades. Or, if you're on the lookout for one of the many denim/chambray shirts that are currently on sale, wear your favorite jeans to be sure that they're not the same shade.


I've noticed that denim on denim can sometimes result in a sloppy fit. For whatever reason, women often wear ill-fitting jeans together with a baggier denim shirt. I don't think that has to be the case! There are ways to wear denim and denim that still emphasize your shape and that can even read as semi-professional.

I think it's important to pay attention to the fit of your denim, especially when you're wearing more than one piece. One way is to layer it with other pieces that flatter the skinniest part of your body, typically below your last rib. For example, what about adding a blazer on top? Many women I work with have sleeveless tops that are chambray, and this could look great with those tops!

There's nothing at all sloppy about this, and I love how she used a third shade of blue in her purse. Very cute for a date night or a casual work environment!


When wearing denim on denim, keep in mind that your outfit is making a statement. Two shades of jean can look sloppy if they're just thrown on without any accessories or way to tie them together. If you go this route, be aware of making a statement and wear it with pride.

The look can read a bit cowgirl or a bit 70s, so it's fun to play around with pieces that echo that without looking like you are literally going to a rodeo (unless you are! in which case-yeehaw!) or to Studio 54. Think about bright pinks and great boots or big round hats, depending which way you go with it. Here's an adorable interpretation. 

She's wearing two distinct shades of denim, she's emphasizing the shape with a high waist and a tucked shirt, and she's making a statement with her belt, hat, and glasses. I would love for her to wear a different color shoe (maybe red?), but overall this is lovely. Yes, you could button up a bit more in the real world or even layer on a tank underneath. Also, for those where the weather is already warm, you could absolutely do this with cropped jeans or a chambray sleeveless top. 

So remember, shade (two distinct shades!), shape (emphasize yours!), and statement (you're making one. Own it!). I'd love to see how you rock denim on denim if you ever want to send me a picture!

UPDATE! Thanks, Hannah, for posting this gorgeous picture of you wearing denim on denim! I love the skinny belt, too!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Clients

New Clients

I have new styling clients this week! I'm so excited. I remember when I made these business cards wondering if I would ever have clients who I didn't share friends with. I dreamed that I would-and I can't really believe that I actually do. I have clients who are friends with clients this week and also clients who only know me through my blog-how cool is that?!

These past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for reasons I'm not comfortable sharing here, but just know that we have suffered an incredible loss and are still in mourning about it. But, one thing that has motivated me is knowing that I have in-person and virtual styling sessions set up for the coming weeks. I had other plans for April, May, and beyond, but now I am re-focused on my business. Thank you for bearing with me as I negotiated all of these changes.

When I think about the clients I'll meet in the next two weeks, I wonder what they've got hidden away in closets and drawers. What amazing items will we discover together? How are they really wanting to dress? How confident can they feel in their own skin? I love discovering the rules that women have in our heads about clothing ("you can't wear X with Y" or "I'm too XYZ to wear that") and then working them out, like a massage therapist working a kink on someone's shoulder. I love this work, can you tell?

I can't wait to get back to it. And I'll try to take better pictures for you all!

Also, are there any readers who have been thinking about contacting me for an in-person or virtual session but haven't because of the cost? Please email me if that's you, and we can work something out. Did you know that I often do barters?


Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup

Today I'd like to highlight a few of my clients and the incredible creative work they're doing on their blogs!

Please don't miss the behind-the-photo-shoot-scenes images from The Little Cottage on the Pond this week. I want to live in every room in Tricia's house!

I'm loving watching the details unfold at Wonderfully Made. I wish I could visit the new store today!

Did you see Miss Mustard Seed's bathroom reveal? Just gorgeous!

And on a serious, heart place note, I loved reading Hannah's thoughts on her time in Bosnia. I went to high school with many refugees from this war, and it really struck me to see these images. As always, my friend's heart shines through.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What to Buy or Pull Out Now For Spring/Summer (Polished Picks)

What to Buy or Pull Out Now For Spring/Summer (Polished Picks)

Dresses, dresses, dresses!

Via the Gap
There are so many great dresses out there right now! And you might even have some in your closet! Pull out something printed and happy and layer it up with a button down underneath or a cardigan on top, then toss on a belt for your third thing. In a few short weeks (months?) you'll wear it without anything underneath it, or (let's be honest) you'll layer on a summer blazer since the AC in the office will be -15.

Via H&M
Via Asos

Interesting Prints on the Bottom

Everywhere you look this season there are fabulous pants and skirts with prints on them. Look into your closet and see if you might have something similar. If not, be sure to pick up a pair that will go with basic tops and button downs. I love these from Asos.

Via Asos


I'm not cringing at the pants themselves but at the word. For some reason that one really gets me! Chee-nos. I don't know, maybe it's just me? Let's call them something else. Khakis? But they're not khaki colored...Hmm. Well, regardless, these pants are versatile and could easily have been included in yesterday's casual picks. You might already have some in your closet, and now is the time to pull them out!
Via H&M
I don't know why she's wearing those chunky heels, but you could wear these on the weekend with sneakers or slip ons or to work with a wedge or even a heel. Roll up the leg to show at least your ankle bone.

Via the Gap

Bright Shoes

Nothing makes me feel more like spring is coming than wearing something bright. Yesterday I talked about my penchant for bright t-shirts in the spring, and today you should know that it extends to bright shoes, too! I love the vintage touches on these combined with the bright color. 
Via Zappos
The ones above are expensive but good quality. For a cheaper version, I love these from Modcloth.

Looking over my picks, I'm apparently really into black and whites right now with pops of color. A good idea for your spring picks might be to take a quick look through a magazine or even Pinterest and then take stock of what you're liking. Maybe you're into tribal or animal prints? Perhaps you're a purple lady? Have fun with it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to Buy Now For Spring/Summer (Casual Picks)

What to Buy Now For Spring/Summer (Casual Picks)

A soft dress that I can dress down with sneakers or "dress up" with wedge sandals? Perfection.

Ok, guys. I've been a bit of a negligent blogger here. The thing is, I know in my mind that there are those of you throughout the country who are already experiencing spring. We had one glorious spring day last Saturday when all I could think about was maxi dresses and slip on shoes...and then it snowed over 8 inches on Sunday and Monday. We got a day off from work and all, but it was a real downer. I was no longer thinking about sandals and straw hats.

But! I know that it is coming, and I know that for those of you in California, Texas, and Florida, spring is a reality! Spring has sprung for you lucky ducks! Today and tomorrow, I'm going to share some of the looks that I love for spring/summer. Today I'll share my casual picks and tomorrow my more polished choices. Sound good?

Easy Slip-On Shoes

Via Zappos


You don't have to search far this season for shoes that beg to be left by the door and slipped on almost as an afterthought. JCrew does espadrilles particularly well, and these come in a bright, tribal pink, too.

Other favorites this time of year are Bensimon sneakers (like these polka dots! or these brights!) on the preppy end and Rocket Dog on the edgier end. Oh! And I don't see them in yet, but I got a Bensimon knock off pair at Old Navy last year and the year before, and I loved them and wore them into the ground. Keep your eyes peeled!

Via Zappos

Statement Pieces on the Bottom

In the warmer months, all I want to do when I'm not at work is slip on something easy like a t-shirt or tank top and be out the door-to the farmer's market, to the dog park, wherever. I find that I want to stockpile basic v-neck t-shirts that are soft and that I can wear over and over again.

One way to keep them looking fresh is with more interesting bottoms, whether pants, dresses, or skirts. This skirt (above) from H&M is a great piece. It's striped (yay!), holds its shape, and can be dressed up or down. I've seen similar skirts everywhere from the Loft to Target and beyond this season. Scoop one up!

If you're more of a jeans girl, even the jeans are interesting this year. Instead of your typical jeans, try something with patchwork or holes. These are $29.95 from H&M. Please note that each of these pairs is shown with heels, but I would be wearing my casual slip ons from above with these, not heels!

These are $288(!!) from JCrew.

Even basics like sweatpants and yoga pants are feeling funky lately. Try a pair of harem pants instead of jeans or black pants. My only advice is to make sure to watch your backside because some of the thinner fabrics on these pants can really show panty lines.


Basics on Top

Via Asos
Now, let's be clear about something. Unless it's on the beach, I'm not likely to tie my shirt up that high anymore (again?)-unless there's something underneath it. I love the look of a tied or cropped shirt over a maxi dress, for example, or over a tank top. I think it's a fun way to play with the cropped trend without feeling like you're trying to relive the glory days. On the other hand, if you're up for it, take note of how high the model's skirt is and follow suit. She's not showing her midriff and her belly button, which helps it to read as very demure.

Via the Gap
My favorite t-shirts come from the Gap, the Loft, and Everlane. I almost always buy t-shirts in at least one size-too-big so that they'll shrink and still be drapey. I like brights and whites for the summer, personally, but I also love the look of pastels on other people, especially women with gray hair, redheads, or blondes.

All t-shirts don't need to be plain, though. There are a lot of fun tongue-in-cheek printed shirts available this season, and I can picture how great they'll look with harem pants, skirts, and jeans. Here's a favorite from Asos. 

So that's it: my spring uniform. Something fun on the bottom paired with a basic t-shirt and some slip on shoes. Likely a straw fedora on my head and a long swingy sweater or jean jacket until it actually warms up. Talk tomorrow about more polished options!